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Hey boys and girls, thought I'd go and give you all the weekly update. Yeah not much is really going down around here, but I'm making my next start on Tuesday, yet again vs the Cubs and yet again against Ryan Dempster. I saw that you guys saw my mad power hitting skillz and you wonder where they're from. Belli, Papi, and the gang are all saying individually that "I taught him that" but it was really the helmet. The earflaps, ladies and gents. The earflaps. Just ask Trot who I hear has been on a bit of a hitting tear I right? I watch the games pretty obsessively if I'm not in game or something, I need to keep tabs on my dudes out in Boston. Hope things are going well there. Things are pretty cool here. I got some new pals like Freel, Griffey, Dunn, and Mercker. They're all chill guys. Griffey's made me feel at home for a long while. I'm also a fixture in the Youkilis household as the wifey and I sometimes go over there to have dinner. Youks, you never told me your mom was quite the cook. And has a nice ass ;) I KID I KID! Just wanted to see you squirm right there, man. Well anyways that's all I got for now, but I do wanna leave you guys with this meme I've seen pop up here and there

1) I love you. You're one of the greatest things to happen to me, and I dunno why the fuck I was such an ass to you last year. I'm glad you're able to put up with me in spite of all my flaws and I hope you know that I always put you first in my heart. I can't entirely promise that history won't repeat but I know that I'll do my damndest in preventing it from happening again and that's from the heart. Thanks for just about everything under the sun, and my love always.

2) I'm so proud of you and what you've been able to do this season. When I heard you had won the job for them, my heart swelled with so much pride. You have been nothing but great to me and I'm so happy to know you, and I can always take to heart that the good thing about this trade is that we are able to see each other 19 times a year...also you get to catch too! :D

3) I don't know what has happened to you, man. You used to be such a great guy and you were my rock during the entire 2004 season. You were my best friend then, but since you went out west, I don't know what's happened to you, but I know that you're not the same guy I knew in Boston. Not by a long shot. I'm really disappointed and I really am upset with you, and when you're ready to clean up your act and get real, I'll be around.

4) You are one of the main reasons I'm still playing baseball, in a sense. The way that you worked with me when I was young and just starting out, the way you went out of your way for me and worked with me, it meant a lot to me. In my earlier years, others would just scoff and just throw me to the side, but you wanted to help me and you really did. I thank you for that. I am so happy you have found your happiness, and I must say that I knew all along it'd be you two together, and I tried to help you see it, but alas I didn't...but it's okay because you guys had found it. Thank you so much for it all, and I'm still game for singing that song

5) You breathe through your mouth too much, but you're just awesome to hang out with and to be pals with. You don't let things get to you and because of you, my taste in music has gotten mad better. I know I used to tell you that idolizing me was a bad idea, and I still say so, but I gotta say that it's really flattering. I think you can be actually a lot better than me as a pitcher, and I hope you do reach your own high point of deserve it! :D Mouthbreather!

6) Hey man, I really just wanna apologize to you for having to see me the way I was when you stopped by my house. You're a helluva player, and I really would love to see you do well. We weren't exactly great friends, but we had some good times. But I'm really glad you were able to listen to me unload all my angst and sadness about the trade and didn't run away. I appreciate it a lot more than you think. Maybe we can grab a few brews next time we're in the same area. You keep your chin up and you'll be just fine.

7) You're a spaz, but I love you anyway, like a brother. We basically joined the team together(me a little earlier) and we were friends in Pawtucket, and you're just a lot of fun to hang with. Your fashion sense? Errr...not so much. But then again that's the drunk!Bronson in me coming out and being all fashionista on your ass. Your parents are pretty chill too, since I've been hanging with them a lot lately...yeah this one is pretty easy to get. But you keep staying chill, bro!

8) You're a strong kid, and I really hope you know that. You and I have had a few fun times over the offseason, and I can't wait to see you again when my team plays yours during hte season. It took a lot to tell me what you did, and it's gonna be okay, but I can see that you're okay now and are having a budding friendship with a former teammate of mine whose really a good guy.

9) You're just a rough and tumble ball of energy, huh? You're a good kid, and I see great things coming for you in your baseball career. You and I haven't bonded as much but we have had some great times together nonetheless. Especially the fun times at Hot Stove Cool Music last January, that was a great time had by all! Anyways you keep on trucking and you'll be just fine, man...I just know it.

10) You come across as a weakling to others and you come across as a having no confidence, but they don't know the real you. THe real you is stubborn and courageous. Behind all that nerdy-like exterior is the heart of a champion. You come across as emotional sometimes but you're no weakling. You're one of the stronger guys I know of on and off the field, and I salute you for having the ability to bounce back the way you did. You're unassuming and that's great too...I really hope we talk more in due time...I miss hanging with you.

11) And finally, how can I forget you? First off I must say, I told you so. You were full of doubt and you never really thougth you'd find somebody to make you happy but you did, man. You really did. I told you that he was right for you, but you were set on the other guy...finally eventually you saw the light in your own time, but I'd like to think I played a small role kinda sparking off the greatness that is now. But seriously man, you're awesome and I really miss playing with you. When we face each other this season, I'll be sure to hang out with you and we'll compare bombs together. Keep on truckin' homes, and no you cannot have my wife.
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