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See Aimee? I updated!

Hey dudes, yep I'm back here again...basically I've spent some time just thinkign things over and I kinda just have been trying to get the feel for the new guys on the team so I haven't been really able to update much. My bad on that. I decided to go update this time though, why? Because well...why not? Also Aimee kept pestering me to update saying "Com'on Bronson, there's people out there who wanna know how you're doing! I mean you've been a big pile of emo lately, so just get your ass up and write dammit!" Thus I have. So yeah.

So how is it in Cincy? Not bad I guess. The wifey and I had dinner with the Youkilis' last night. They're good people. They were just as shocked about the trade as I was. Hell I as a goddamn mess that night, just like unable to really even function, I sitll dunno how I was able to get that entry done. My teammates seem pretty cool, Griffey has been great to me. He was the first one to come over and shake my hand. Harang and I are getting along pretty well, and Mercker is a funny dude. They seem pretty cool, but I do miss my boys in Boston. I miss going out with them, and I know for sure I'm gonna miss that atmosphere at Fenway. From what I hear though, Wily Mo has been pretty cool. I don't blame them for the trade, I just wish it wasn't me they traded. *sighs* Oh well, baseball is a business and that's the breaks of the game.

Anyways I'm going up on the mound tomorrow afternoon vs the Cubs. Hopefully this time I wont suck as bad as I did against them in 05. That'd be nice. Well anyways, I promised Aimee I'd go around town with her looking at the places, trying to find some things to do and all. Maybe Cincy won't be that bad...I hope at least. Anyways I'll try and update more often, we'll see how things go. Later all
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