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I'm guessing you all heard the news now, huh? I'm now playing for the Cincinnatti Reds. I'm hurt and confused...but most of all angry. I'm upset at everybody really. I was about to go out and go to Naples with Wright and Papel when I got the call. Needless to say, I had to go there to go do the meet and greet. At least that's what I'm doing right now.

I can't be too mad at the team or the Front Office though. They're the ones who revived my career. I was at a crossroads and bouncing between AAA and the MLB. They put me on waivers. Boston was the one who gave me another chance. They took me in and nurtured me into the pitcher I could truly be. I'm just sad that I'm not gonna be there any longer. But this is a business after all, and while I'm upset, you just gotta take it for what it is. I thank them for giving me a chance to prove myself and for the best three years of my life. Who knows, mabye Cincy will be nice, too.

All I gotta say to Wily Mo is to cherish your time there. Those fans...they're the greatest. Sometimes they'll get on your ass, but it's only because they truly wanna cheer you. I'll miss it in Boston, that's for sure. I wish them luck and I thank the fans who've supported me.

Well time to go and greet my new teammates.

[a rare OOC add-in here. Now as you all SHOULD know, this isn't real. I never said it was, and I had a disclaimer clear as day on my userinfo page. Most people have known...the one who haven't....I'm flattered you thoguht I was the real thing but nope, sorry dudes. But anyways, for a while, I've been contemplating shutting down this LJ. This trade has brought it even further into consideration. I have finally decided however that I'm just gonna set this LJ on a hiatus. Not sure how long or what not, and I'll probably still leave snarky comments to other LJs, because hey, I can't help it :) Much love for all you other fake worldies out there, keep on truckin' folks. I may come back under this name or another...we'll see. But if I don't come back I thank ya'll for taking the time to read and for the other journalers for being so chill and stuff. Much love]
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