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Fill this out and make me feel loved!

Yeah I'm here and still alive kinda off doing the motions and crap, but yeah, fill this out, make me feel loved and such. That's all I got for now...yo momma!

For Your Friends
Who are you and what is our relationship?:
What are 3 good qualities that i have?:
What reminds you of me?:
If you could say anything to me, what would it be?:
Do i make you happy?:
If you could give me only ONE thing, what would it be?:
What song reminds you of me?:
How long do you think we'll be friends?:
Do you miss me right now?:
Do you wish that I was with you right now?:
Do you think that i am a good person?:
Are you glad that you met me?:
What is one thing about our relationship that you regret?:
What do you think of me as a friend?:
Would you change anything about our relationship?:
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You've been totally Bzoink*d
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